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Somewhere between the Hindu Kush and the Horn of Africa. Perhaps تمريدة, on the island of Socotra (in Sanskrit: island of joy) — Tiz

An Analysis of Afrobarometer’s Latest Ethiopia Survey Data

How Political Violence Has Changed

IV ed. aggiornata, Il Mulino, 2021 — Una recensione

v.1.1 (Horn of Africa) available on Harvard Dataverse

Chronicle of Sudan’s Arranged Marriage with Israel

Haile Selassie sits quietly in his office. It is 2 September 1935

Using Google Trends data to observe asymmetries in how the public follows the GERD developments

Methodological premise

Sudan’s Transition as an Art Exhibition

An Art Exhibition in Three ‘Paintings’

Exposure to Shocks in the Gulf

Trouble Foretold: Dependency on Remittance Flows

Outbound: تمريدة

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